Saturday, 8 September 2012

4 Simple Goals

Why hello there. Long time no type. I just spent the last week in our nation's capital city-Canberra with 57 year 7 students. It was a great trip in so-many ways, but as with staffing all school camps it was exhausting. Upon returning I opened up my blog feed to find a really timely post from the blog A Beautiful Mess. You can read the full post here with the guidelines for taking part. But in summary it is "a way to stay inspired during a busy time of year".  And truly, the lead up to Christmas can become a crazy running around like a chook with no head kind of season. This is why I thought it would be a great time to stop and re-focus on what is important. For me, end of year becomes especially busy with school graduations, ceremonies, parties, but here are 4 simple goals I would like to be held accountable to and keep in order to survive the next few months ahead. 

1. Make Time For Creative Pursuits: Sometimes I don't spend my timely as I'd like to in the area of making and or allowing myself time to tap into my creative side, doing things I love eg: blogging, sewing/crafting, designing... I too-often allow work projects to eat at this time, so I need to be committed to striking that blurry balance of work and home life and learning to leave work at work. 
2.Prioritise Spending Time With Family And Friends: Similar to above I allow work to encroach on time that I should really be sharing with those I love the most. Without these people in my life I could not have survived this year, so here is to making wonderful memories with my wonderful family and friends.
3.Maintain Regular Excercise And Healthy Eating: I have done a lot of research about healthy eating and truly it comes down to preparation and ensuring I cut up all my fresh fruit and veg into bags for me to take for lunches. As well as meal planning which also helps me to know what to buy and cook on each weeknight so as to not just buy junk because it's easier. I also would like to get back into the habit of excercising in the morning. (um hello. It's almost bikini wearing time!)
4.Choose To Be Thankful And Content: In all situations I must learn to choose thankfulness. In a season where we seem to be overwhelmed with consumerism and greed I would like to remember those who are less-fortunate than me, to be content with the much I have been blessed with.

What are 4 simple goals you could make to end this year well?
* Make sure you check out A Beautiful Mess Blog and link up.


  1. Hey Nadine- I just did this post as well! :) Great goals!! Oh and I have this awesome book called What the Bible says about Healthy living. i am not sure if you could get it at the library, but I have enjoyed referencing back to it! :)

  2. Hello....
    Thanks for the suggestion... I will definitely have to check it out I love learning more about health and even better from a Biblical perspective! I will have to check out your goals:)


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