Monday, 13 August 2012

Wold Vision 40 Hour Famine

I really have a lot of respect for World Vision because they do so-much good and seek to help the poorest of the poor through many ways, shapes and forms. Whether or not they are fundamentally a Christian Organization or not, they challenge me as a Christian in their response to global issues such as poverty. 

I remember when I was in High School I used to do the 24 hour famine, which is where you would give up eating food for 24 hours and raise money from people to do so. The money would go toward World visions target country. Now since working as a Chaplain at the school I have been passed the baton of running the 40 hour famine at our school (It's really 40 hours that World Vision push to give up food for). Since I work at a primary school we don't feel right asking our children to give up food for 40 hours, or even 24, so instead we do an 8 hour famine. Nowadays kids are encouraged to give up technology, talking, furniture etc instead of food if they would like, however we only give them the option of giving up food as teachers find it too-disruptive to give up other things. 

Last year, we did the 8 hour famine and raised $3000 which was a massive effort and huge improvement on the year before. If the kids got to $3000 the Principal would dress as a Superhero, which he ended up doing since we hit the target. 

This year, we are aiming for $3500. If the kids manage to raise that much, then all the teachers will dress up as Superheroes. We have run a Groves Got Talent competition alongside the famine each year to raise a bit of extra money-which is a whole other post... and the kids truly LOVE it. 

This coming Thursday the 16th of August, is our 8 hour famine day. The kids will be going without food until 2pm, and then we will end with a sausage sizzle and a celebration Chapel service (lets just say I've hired helium balloons). So please keep us in your prayers. For me logistically, it's A LOT. But its so-worth it, and it actually is the one thing that sinks in for the kids to realize the reality that many children around the world face living without food on a daily basis. 

This year, the funds raised from the 40 hour famine are going toward Ethiopia who as most of us would know are experiencing one of the worst droughts in history. 

If you haven't considered or ever heard about the World Vision 40 hour famine, then I would suggest that you take a look at their website...and as they would say; Do Something Real, donate, child sponsorship or give up food for 40 hours? They have heaps of opportunities for you to be a part of.

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