Sunday, 12 August 2012

Job Perks

As I was thinking about my crazy busy week gone by (so-crazy busy that I haven't posted in a week) I thought about one of the highlights amidst the busy. Part of my job, is having to chat with kids on  a weekly to fortnightly basis who are going through some significantly hard times. One particular girl who I'd been seeing has had such an incredible transformation over the past few months. She began seeing me after becoming involved in some very dark and harmful actions. She admitted she was in a very dark and hopeless place. When you're a 12-13 year old girl, its never an easy time really, and some have it harder than others...this particular girl was doing it hard. 

Anyway, this term she really seemed to have turned a new leaf in her teen life and was almost a completely different person. She had even begun to notice those around her, others in her year level who too, were going through hard times. Through her own experience of being isolated within her year level she wanted to reach out to those she saw who were at risk of disengaging similar to herself. We decided we would bless people in her grade and her teachers by baking them cookies and writing out Bible verses. It was a really fun thing to do with her and I loved watching her shine with excitement to bless others. 

While my job is at times heartbreaking and oh. so. hard. The partnering with kids as they gain an awareness of others is by far a perk! And it serves as a reminder for all of us, to see if there are people around us in our daily lives who perhaps need that extra attention, love and encouragement...

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