Thursday, 3 May 2012


Saying thank you is something simple, yet makes a profound statement. Society today tends to go with the notion that 'time is money'. With people's lives becoming increasingly busy and full of 'things' to do sometimes it can be like going from obligation to obligation. So when someone takes the time to help you with something that is not part of their job description or a mandatory event I think it's important to let them know you appreciate them. Letting them know you appreciate the time they have taken out of their day or days to help you.

I work at a school as a Chaplain (kind of like a guidance counselor). Recently I organized our school's first whole school event in eight years to celebrate the different cultures we have amongst our student population. It was a crazy busy time and involved crazy amounts of list making, phone calls, meetings, prayer, etc. Throughout this time though, there were some people who really went above and beyond to help me with this event. They supported me in ways that I am ever so-grateful for and could not have done without. So after the event I really wanted to show my appreciation for their time. The above picture is the thank-you gift I gave them which was just a cute little jar which I filled with my favourite tea from Darjeeling, India and tied a bow around. I also wrote personalized notes for each of them. This was a little time consuming, however I love doing this kind of thing.

I believe it is important to show your appreciation to people for things both big and small that they do which is a blessing for you or others. To let them know that you value their contribution, and it does not go unnoticed. To let them know that you value the sacrifice of their time. Never underestimate the importance of saying thank-you.

Who is someone that you could say thank-you to today?

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