Monday, 7 May 2012

Thank You Water

 A few months ago when I attended a PD (professional development) for Chaplaincy I heard about a really great idea that some young Aussies came up with. As they say, it is based on a simple idea-water. 
"A 600million dollar bottled water industry exists in Australia and when people choose to purchase Thankyou Water, 100% of the profit Thankyou Water makes funds projects that help thousands and one day millions of people gain access to safe water. It’s a simple idea but the process is a little unfamiliar to most people because it’s different to traditional charity".
The following image shows the difference between a traditional charity verses a social enterprise, which is what Thank You water calls itself. 
Traditional Charity:

Diagram showing how traditional charities operate

We all understand the basic concept of traditional charity. You give your donation to a charity organisation and it, in turn, carries out the charitable work. There is usually an administrative fee taken by the charity but the majority of your donation goes toward the charitable work.

Social Enterprise: 

Diagram showing how social enterprises operate
A social enterprise takes a different approach. Our business is set up to be competitive in the bottled water market and to make as much profit as possible for the sole purpose of funding water projects in the affected areas of developing nations.

Thank You Water claims:
'Thankyou Water is a social enterprise that exists for a single purpose: to bring clean drinking water to those in need. Our goal is to give people around Australia the opportunity to change entire communities through a simple, everyday purchase. For this reason, 100% of our profit funds water projects in developing nations. For every bottle sold, at least one month’s worth of water is provided to someone in need".
So far Thank You Water is available at some service stations, post offices and local stores Australia wide. The more people know about this great initiative and how by something as simple as making an informed choice in buying bottled water; together we can help fund water projects in developing nations. Be sure to look out for it next time you grab a bottle of water! 

For more info. check out their:


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