Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mother's Day

With Mother's Day just around the corner I thought it very fitting to promote something that makes for not only a beautiful but life-giving gift idea. Bloggers for birth kits aims to reduce maternal mortality in developing nations.

Adriel who blogs at the The Mommyhood Memos has started this unique campaign to assemble and send these clean birth kits over to Papua New Guinea, where the rate of maternal death is 1 in 7. 

"Did you know that a simple clean birth kit can help save a mom’s life? Did you know that for around $2-3 you can assemble one? Did you know that everything you need to make one can be found easily and quickly at your local hardware store and pharmacy. Look how simple these clean birth kits are…"

Clean Birth Kit specifics

1. Soap (for the birth attendant to wash her hands). Use a hotel-size soap or cut a regular bar of soap into 1/8-sized pieces. (Microwave the bar of soap for 30 seconds to soften it for cutting).
2. One pair of plastic gloves (for the birth attendant to wear).
3. Five squares of gauze (to wipe the mum’s perineum and baby’s eyes). Gauze pieces should be about 10×10 centimeters or 3×3 inches.
4. One blade (to cut the cord). You can buy individually wrapped sterile blades at the pharmacist or buy utility blades (much cheaper) at the hardware store. We teach the women to boil the blades for sterilization, so utility blades work just fine.
5. Three pieces of string (2 for tying the cord, 1 for “just in case”). String should be about 30 centimeters or 10 inches long.
6. One plastic sheet (for a clean birthing surface). Sheet should be approximately 1×1 meter or 1×1 yard and can be purchased at your hardware or paint store.
7. One sandwich-size ziplock bag (to pack the contents).

Here are ways Adriel says we can get involved:

How to get involved in Bloggers for Birth Kits:

1. Make a birth kit. Assemble one yourself or gather a group of girlfriends, a moms group, work associates, or a church group to make a box full of them! Mail your kits to: Adriel Booker, Bloggers for Birth Kits, PO Box 6221, Townsville, Queensland, 4810, Australia
2. Donate for a birth kit to be made on your behalf. ($10 will buy 5 kits!) All donations for B4BK go toward the assembly and distribution of kits, as well as maternal care education. Make your online donation here. Please be sure to write “Bloggers for Birth Kits” in the box that says “additional comments” so the funds will be allocated properly!
3. Help raise awareness by posting about the cause on your blog, facebook, pinterest, and twitter. (Please use the hash tag #B4BirthKits!)
4. Add the Bloggers for Birth Kits button to your blog. (See the side bar for code.)
You can also watch this video that I made last year. (Feel free to repost it or link to it.) During the first part I tell the story of how B4BK was born, and from the 3-minute mark you can see step-by-step instructions for how to assemble your own kit.

Why not donate some kits or money on behalf of your Mum for a Mother's day present. Adriel will send you a printable document to include in your card for Mothers day... Now I have simply copy and pasted snippets from Adriel's full article from her for the full story and of course to check out her inspirational parenting blog please click  here. 


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    1. I know right! And so simple too. Feel free to spread the word... Thanks for leaving the first comment I've received yet:) it was very exciting to see someone had commented haha

  2. Thanks so much for writing this and helping to promote this initiative! It's humbling to think that such simple items can make a difference, but they can! Appreciate you helping to spread the word. Every single voice and dollar and kit and prayer matter!


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