Sunday, 7 October 2012

Froctober Edition II

Well its here again, time to share another special event. If you missed last weeks, then not to worry, you can check it out here. Last week I re-capped an African Jewelry Party. This week I'll be re-capping an event I held at school last term-Father's Day Morning Tea.

I'm on the mental health and wellbeing action team at school, seeing I'm the Chaplain it kind of only seems appropriate. One of the things we discussed earlier in the year was the need to have our students parents involved more at our school. So I thought it that at both Mother's and Father's Day we could invite parents to our Chapel services and have a special morning tea for them. We have two campuses, so its quite a lot of work having to do it for both Upper and Lower Primary, however it was well worth it. 

Today, as I said I'm going to re-capp our Father's Day Morning Tea and Chapel Service. We had a cowboy themed morning tea. We made a video about a 'Super Dad" that we showed at Upper Primary and we had the class leading worship share things they love about their Dad during Lower Primary's Chapel service. We then had the service as usual, which was really great to have our Dad's along to join us for praise and worship and the message. It was great to see our students interact with their parents in a positive setting at school. 

Unfortunately because I was 'running' the event I didn't get a whole lot of pictures to share, and because it's a school event, I wouldn't be able to share photos of the kids anyways. But you will get the idea; 

The middle photo on the bottom is from Lower Primary Campus and the rest are from the Upper Primary Campus
  1. A tip in knowing where to start when planning an event is honestly to have a "theme" that you can work with. Once we had the western theme, we knew what foods to serve that would tie in with it.
  2. RSVP-we decided to scrap the idea of having an RSVP to the even as we felt it may inhibit those Dad's who decide to come at the last minute due to the fact they didn't RSVP. We really wanted as many Dad's to come as possible so we just left it open ended and I think this worked the best for this kind of event. At both morning teas we had enough food and in fact some children even brought food for us to serve up.
  1. For Mother's day we made our whole chapel service focused on Mother's, however for Father's Day we decided to just keep Chapel as normal but just add something small during the service to honour the Dad's. If you are holding a special event alongside a pre-existing event then it's up to you to decide how to integrate the two. The Mother's Day Chapel and Morning tea was a blast, but having our Dad's come to our normal services was just as great and I think its safe to say they were both equally blessed by our efforts
  2. For almost every special event I hold I go to this site: Hostess With The Mostess Seriously if you have not checked this site out, then you must. It has amazing ideas for almost every occasion you would want to celebrate. Check it out.  
The Father's Day morning tea was a highlight for me this year, seeing our kids serve their Dad's food and spending time with them was just precious.  Look forward to sharing with you about another frock-worthy event next Thursday!

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