Sunday, 7 October 2012

Famine Update

Our Chapel decorated for the Celebration Service.

Do you remember this post? about the 40 hour famine for World Vision at the school I work at? The students gave up food for 8 hours (because they are in Primary School they only give up food for 8 hours instead of 40). 
Our goal was to raise $3500 this year as last year we raised $3000. 
Unfortunately we didn't reach our target. We did however raise a bit over $2000. So it was still a really great effort by all the kids. We even had one particular individual raise $750, a mammoth effort. It was great to see students become really passionate about raising money for the 8 hour famine. Some students set up stalls selling bookmarks and pre-loved goods at lunch time to help raise money. 
On the day we gave up the food we ended the 8 hours with a sausage sizzle and a special celebration chapel service. It was a really great way to end the day. The students felt what it was like to go hungry and try to concentrate during a school day. It is a great way to let the reality of poverty-hunger that children all over the world experience on a daily basis sink in. 
It really was a privlidge to be able to raise greater awareness about global issues amongst our primary school. 
To find out more about World Vision and the work they do around the world then check them out here.

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