Thursday, 27 September 2012

Around Here

Well it's no secret that the last month or so of last term were crazy busy with me not as much as having time to look at my laptop let alone open it. So here is a wee update as to what has been happening in my world which I'm linking up with Ali's post. 

 Around Here I am:

Enjoying September school holidays.

Sleeping in two hours past my usual wake up time.

Wearing my new favourite peplin shirt I purchased during my overnight visit to Sydney.

Applying for new jobs like its my new job.

Planning and dreaming of our December holiday to the Philippines.

Exercising and eating healthy daily (sticking to my 4 Simple Goals)

Wishing I could get my hose working so our plants don't die.

Admiring the colour I chose for my toes at my pedicure.

Savouring moments spent with friends and the incredible encouragement they are to me.

Excited the Shine program finished with 26 year 7 girls being more secure in their worth, strength and purpose.

Listening to the song Cornerstone by Hillsong. 

Contemplating getting a tattoo. 

Pushing away thoughts of work.

Brainstorming ideas as to what to do with hubby on a date tomorrow. 

Hanging out to see Madagascar 3.

Reading My Daily Bread devotions that speak directly into my situation every time. 

Longing for answers.

Perplexed by the plight of refugees around the world, and for those who have come to Australian Shores.

Hoping to blog more regularly.


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