Monday, 20 August 2012

Competition Photo Entry

So on Sunday I entered a competition by world vision to win an I PAD. Oh. How. I. Want. One. You had to post a photo about your vision in relation to ending global poverty. Here is my photo:

After I did a bit of research I discovered that by sacrificing a coffee a day for a month, the total amount saved could provide clean water and sanitation for an entire third world community. I truly believe that if we in the Western world could choose to live more simply, we would have more to be generous with. It's crazy how our small sacrifices can make a big difference.

What small sacrifice could you make in your life today?


  1. Great post - Dustin and I are on a budget, and last week I decided to take my friend out to coffee for her birthday. But on my way there, a homeless man asked if I had money but all I had was my credit card, but then he asked if I could buy him lunch and I wasn't even gonna buy myself lunch because the place was kinda a bit more expensive. But in that moment I had to decide whether it was better to save my money so that I could live $12 more comfortably or meet a need. It sounds little, but it was really hard for me. I felt like this guy was a little ungrateful and demanding, but in the end, I just needed to trust that I was indeed helping him with an immediate need and that God would use that to help him in the long run. Give him a full stomach so that he could focus on re-building his life, finding a job and taking care of his family. Thanks for the reminder that the small stuff really make a difference.

  2. I totally understand how hard those "small" sacrifices can be especially the unplanned ones. I love that still choose to give and that is exactly what we need to do more of in hope that others may have a better chance at living. Thanks for commenting Kate! Ps: your tv is awesome pin worthy for sure:)


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