Sunday, 8 July 2012

A weekend with the Hippies.

Well this weekend we went away for a night with my parents to a wonderful town just over the QLD border called Byron Bay. It is a very chill hippy kinda anything goes town. It has a constant flow of backpackers passing through and lots of people visit Byron Bay as part of some sort of "spiritual journey" as it really is a melting pot of people from lots of different ethnicities and spiritual beliefs. It's relaxed life-style, organic local produce, love for communities and breathtaking views make for seriously good-times and refreshing get a way's. A perfect way to end the school holidays. Here are a few pics from our weekend away. 

Oh my goodness. Byron seriously have some great coffee shops. We decided to try one highly recommended by the locals called "Top Shop". They sold all kinds of organic deliciousness and are extremely eco-friendly.

So, it's winter in Australia and when we arrived it was pouring with rain which made for perfect wood-fire weather at our rainforest resort.   

After enjoying a delicious dinner at a place called "The Balcony" we came back to our accommodation and enjoyed playing some pool and table tennis.  

The next morning we awoke to sunshine and blue skies. Perfect exploring Byron kind of weather.

We decided to show Mum and Dad the famous lighthouse which overlooks breathtaking views and happens to be the most easterly point of Australia.
When looking over the huge expanse of ocean it reminds me of how we will never be able to fathom "how high, wide and deep God's love is for us".

So Chai Tea. nuff said. no but seriously Byron is famous for its Chai. It is a perfect blend of spices and flavours that bring me back to my days in India. If you go to gotta try the Chai.

This is the typical mode of transport for most people in Byron a comby and surfboard. Livin the dream.

So if you ever come to Australia, I'd suggest to you take a visit to Byron Bay. 
How was your weekend?

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