Monday, 16 July 2012

New Life

Welcome to the world Judah
Oh my goodness. My bestie and her bump had her sweet little boy Judah on Thursday at 5:30am. Shout out to her because she did it completely drug free (not planned he just came really fast). Anyways so finally hubby and I got to visit on Friday night. It seriously is the most amazing feeling in the world-holding a new born.  There is a sense of restored hope and awe of our amazing God when you hold a newborn...

So we went to the Redbank Public Hospital for the first time and finally made our way into her room to give him some cuddles and to drop off a little care package I'd put together for her.

I recently read an article in one of my favourtie magazines- Frankie. The article was entitled "Get Well Soon" and simply listed some practical tips for what to include when making a care package for someone in hospital. Whilst my care package didn't include all of these things... here is what they suggested:

Entertainment-especially magazines seeing they may not be up for reading in-depth novels

Moisturizer of any kind for hands, face, body, lip balm. Air conditioning in hospitals tends to dry out skin more than normal

Sometimes you just never know if they remembered them, have been able to wash etc so sometimes some spare pairs of undies can save the day

Snacks, hospitals have strict feeding routines and only feed the patient. When we visited my friend we brought dinner for her hubby and snacks seeing he is with her all day, but doesn't get fed.

Breath mints, sometimes when you're not feeling so-great and having visitors, the last thing you want is to have stinky breath.

Hospitals are not the most prettiest of places so some colour can make ones room or corner a bit brighter to stay in

Thermos. Sometimes if you are on high doses of medication you can't stay awake long enough to finish your coffee of cup of tea, so a thermos ensures they can doze in and wake up to their hot drink being hot. 

 So there you have it. A few suggestions of what to include in a hospital care package. Of course these are just some suggestions and I'm sure you have some great ideas too. I'd love to hear what you have packed or as being a patient, wish someone had brought you?

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  1. This post is super helpful! What an awesome way to experience a new thing! Also, you are right there is nothing like hte drug of holding a new baby! It is by far an awesome feeling!

    Stopped by because you linked up with Jessica! I did too... check it out at!


  2. Glad you found it helpful:) thanks for stopping by!


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