Monday, 14 May 2012

Smelling the Roses

Today I decided to link up with Jessica from Lovely Little Things in her Smell the Roses weekly challenge. Every week she posts a "challenge" that you undertake throughout the week and then report on how it went. 

 As Jessica says; "The purpose of these tasks are for you to...stop and smell the roses! The tasks will be things that don't take a lot of time or effort, but will give you enough time to slow down and appreciate the lovely little things [sorry, I had to do it ;)] and people your in life."

I really liked the idea of this as sometimes I find that work and life can become very mundane and I begin to find myself becoming stuck in a rut.  Not to mention, that sometimes I can become so-focused and at times overwhelmed by all the "needs" in this world we live in and what active role I can play to make a positive difference that I loose sight of the "small things" those as Jessica puts it; "lovely little things" that I need to choose to acknowledge in my life. 

So, as much as I can I will try to participate in Jessica's weekly Smell The Roses task. Why don't you head on over and have a look for yourself at what Jessica and others got up to this past week. As fro me, well I had fun partaking in this weeks task...

The challenge: Redecorate something in your home.

I'm not entirely sure if I re-decorated something as such...but I definitely re-vamped a plain area in our house. Last week my husband and I picked up a PIANO that we were GIVEN from a sweet lady. I was super excited not only to have this to play, but also because it's over one hundred years it really has character to it. I also thought it came in at a perfect time to join this weeks smell the roses task.  

Now, unfortunately I didn't get any "before shots" as I wasn't expecting to put it here. But when we put it where we had been hoping it would fit...well it really didn't so we had to re-arrange. So here is my attempt at finding shots of its location "before" it came:


See the wall had two pictures hanging on it, but aside from that it was just a big old white wall. 


So there you have it...the plain white wall now has a beautiful new edition to it...So thankful! 

I hope you have time to Smell the Roses this week...


    I so hope to have a piano some's crazy that it was given to you!
    Such a blessing :)

    Thanks for linking up, girl - so happy to have you!

    1. I know right! I hope that someone gives away a piano to you:)
      Thanks for having me, it was only my second time to do a link so I was hoping it worked... have a great week!


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