Friday, 11 May 2012

Make It Happen

 So I found this super inspiring blog by Lara Casey. She has done all sorts of crazy things, including-being a celebrity personal trainer, the publisher and editor in cheif of a bridal magazine and founder of the Making Things Happen Movement.

I read this full post here by Lara which are her thoughts/advice on how to make those crazy dreams we carry inside of us become reality. Her preface to the post is this- "There are two rules to this post:  1.  you need a pen and paper, and  2. put on some great music.  Rule number 1 is because this post is interactive.  Don't read any further if you're not up for the challenge.  Rule number 2 is because you only live once.  You might as well enjoy it!"

I don't know about you, but I get so-excited about the arrival of the weekend as I have more time to do things I love-things such as journaling, reading, riding, catching up with friends etc... I'm so-glad to have found this post on Friday evening... Here is my short summary of what I got out of it, in terms of "making things happen"and questions that I would like to try answer...

1/ Fear- What am I afraid of? What scares me? 
2/ People-Who do I surround myself with? Who should I allow into my life? Who inspires me? 
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” --Jim Rohn 
3/ Discipline- More than just setting goals, but sticking to them. What are the 5 essential things that make me feel whole?
4/ Humility-Do I allow myself the freedom to fail? 
 "If you aren't failing on occasion, you aren't dreaming big enough."
 "Humility is not about being timid.  Don't confuse the two.  Practicing true humility means embodying one's strengths and God-given gifts with grace, allowing for self-reflection, keying into the ability to listen to the feedback the world is giving us, and -here's the kicker- doing something about it."
5/Crazy- You gotta be a little crazy, you have to be willing to run with those "crazy" ideas... 
"What are your big ideas? What are the things you want to make happen? Write them down."

*Seriously, if you ever have the time check out the full post, then pick up a pen and press play to your favourite/inspirational playlist. Make things happen!

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