Thursday, 12 April 2012

Give 1 Save 1

Check this site out:)

Some of you have hopefully noticed this button along the side of my page. It is this really neat blog I found where just by donating $1 you can greatly impact individuals and families lives. Give1 Save1 is set up to raise funds for families who are wanting to adopt, orphanages, organizations or special projects. Every Monday they list a new cause from either Africa or Haiti that you can donate toward through your  Pay Pal account.

$1.00 you say? One measly dollar?


Think about it, if 50 people donated $1.00 that would be $50, 100 people = $100 and so on... you get it...

I love how simple and innovative this movement is and how we each can be a part of their stories by giving one dollar. Why not allow your kids to have it as an option to spend some of their pocket money on? Or sacrifice buying a couple (at least 6) 30 cent ice cream cones from Macca's? Or when you put that one dollar in the slot to release your trolley at Woolworths or Coles...think about the difference your dollar could make next Monday and check out this website -give 1 to save 1!

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