Monday, 1 October 2012

October Monthly Hero

The Monthly Hero section of the blog is designed to highlight either individuals or organizations who are making a positive difference in the world we live in. In my life I have met some truly inspirational people who dedicate their lives to the benefit of others. I am constantly inspired by all the amazing people out there who step out in believing change is possible.
I want to share with others some of the inspirational people I have met and how we can be encouraged or even at times take part in their journeys...
Allow me to introduce you to "C" she is a good friend of mine I met many years ago in Brisbane. She was a Perth girl who was working as a nurse, however felt unsatisfied in this career and knew there had to be something more out there. She decided to follow this feeling and this has led her to take part in leading Biblical Worldview Schools in Brisbane. She has since traveled internationally; I went to Turkey and India with her taking part in various community development projects, pursuing above all the calling God has placed in her life. She is now married and living overseas in a country that will remain nameless. Her passion for serving the people in that nation is inspiring, and makes me wish I could just pack up and join her. You're going to love her. 

*Due to the sensitive nature of the work and country this hero lives in the interview had to be kept very brief with names left out. 

Who are you?
My name is C.  I’m a Brit who grew up mostly in Australia.  My degree is in nursing but I haven’t nursed for years.

What are you currently doing? 
I moved to *** 2 years ago to join a team of people who have a passion to see the people here reached with the Truth and to see lives transformed by the Father’s grace.  I’m currently working as an English teacher which keeps me very busy.  My husband is studying here but has the same heart for the nation as I do.

Why are you doing it?  
I have been changed myself by the love of God and I want to see others find His freedom for themselves.  I love teaching and it seemed like a perfect fit to combine teaching with making friends here in this nation.

How can others be involved?
You can pray for us and the people here.  You can come and visit or join us. 
Thank you C.
What I love about C's story is that she decided to follow that feeling of knowing what she was doing as a nurse was not sitting right. I think many people settle in careers and lifestyles which are completely dissatisfying, we know there has got to be more to life. Rather than just living with it, C acted upon that feeling, stepped outside her comfort zone and has since met the love of her life, and is working in an area she is passionate in. 
If you would like to email myself or C about anything then please feel free to do so! If you have any encouragement you would like to send C throughout the month then please also let me know... and most importantly, if you would remember to pray for C and her husband throughout the month of October that would be so-great! > I'd love to hear from you. Or just post a comment below.


  1. Wow! What a story! Thank-you for sharing! Will keep you all in my prayers! God bless!

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you were encouraged by it. PS: I love the name of your blog-From L&P to English tea...very creative! and I love L&P.


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