Friday, 26 October 2012

The Final Froctober Edition

I can't believe we are about to enter our last week of October? What the frock? So to end this month is true Froctober style I am re-capping one of this years favourite events.

This year I ran the Shine program at school for year 7 girls. The foundational concepts of the program are worth, strength and purpose. You can read more about the program here. To end the nine week program we ended with a special high tea. The girls brought a dress to wear, a present and word of encouragement for another girl and were escorted to the hall where a beautiful high tea awaited them.

  1. The space we used was quite large, it is a school hall so we had to be strategic in decorating as the area was so-large. We decided to focus only on the front part of the hall close to the stage so we could use it to present their awards and certificates. This way we could use all our efforts to decorate a smaller area. If you have a large space, then a good tip is to focus on making one area of it look really good.
  2. We borrowed a lot of things for this event. Table cloths, glass vases, beautiful tea pot sets, props for the photo booth-all borrowed. I had two friends who were recently married so they still had things left over from their decorations, do you have any recently married friends you could ask? This helps to keep things cost effective.
  1. The trick that I think really set this event apart from other events we've held there would have to be the choice we made to hire chair covers. The chairs are these big plastic things which are blue and green, I knew if we went all out with everything except the chairs, it would not look as good. We saved money in a lot of other areas and I managed to find them for around $3.00 a cover including the organza bow. If you really want something to look special, then make sure you ensure the chairs are decorated to fit the theme. 
  2. I used a pinterest inspired project to personalize mugs for each of the girls. I used the good old sharpie and bake trick to create mugs with the word Shine, their name and the words-worth-strength-purpose. I baked them for an hour at 350 degrees celcius. Aside from the mugs the girls received a certificate of completion and a gift from another student. 
  3. Food wise we kept it nice and simple with sandwiches and scones with jam and cream. I made the scones the night before using this super simple recipe, 3 ingredients is all it takes. 
This particular event was one of my favourite to organize and hold. The girls were in disbelief when they saw the hall, as it had never looked so good (if I do say so myself). The girls truly felt treasured and blessed by the effort we put in to making them feel valued. It was the perfect ending to our 9 week program.

I hope you enjoyed the Froctober series. 

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