Sunday, 1 July 2012

Breaky with my bestie and her bump

Why hello...

It is the beginning of a brand new week and what a wonderful week I have ahead of me indeed!

I'm still on holidays. I have some super exciting crafty creations up my sleeve. The final State of Origin-Go QLD! My parents arrived. The sun is shining (which means I can dry my washing-oh the things that excite a married woman) and I could just keep going... but for now here is a little re-hash of something I did last week.

I took my one of my bestest friends to breakfast at the Pancake Parlour. Oh my it was delicious and not nutritious (though there were strawberries and bananas?...) but. it was just so-great to finally catch up with her, as she is about to POP. Literally she is due, expecting her first sweet baby. He was due yesterday, so any day now. Its a little boy and i'm so-excited to meet him. But of course I thoroughly enjoyed having a last date with her before her little boy comes out.

I'm linking up with Jessica from Lovely Little Things, where the Smell The Roses task was to take someone to dinner who you have been meaning to catch up with for a while... so I did breaky instead. Breakfast is the new dinner!


  1. Aw I'm so glad that you got to catch up with your BFF before she has her baby :) She looks super cute with her baby bump!

    And I WISH that I could go out to breakfast all the time...I love it!

    Thanks for linking up today, girl! You're awesome!

    1. I know how great does she look! you're dinner out looked quite nice as well!

  2. Breakfast is the new dinner. And lunch. And snack. And dessert. It's even sweeter when you get to share it with someone special!

    1. Breakfast seriously is one of my favourite meals to cater for. I love your 4th of July pics!


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