Sunday, 10 June 2012

Long time no type

It has been waaaay to long. Can I just say that life has turned all sorts of crazy lately. Work is super busy and I'm staying back later, starting earlier and therefore this sweet little space on the web I have has been neglected. 
So I'm kind of going to do some catch up posts. and post more than once today (I'm probably breaking some sort of blogging rule in doing that?) However I feel like this blog is something that is fluid and will change to be a reflection of me, my life and its seasons. Right now, I am in a very busy season. Hence the absence of late in the 'new post world'... but that is life. And, in all honesty this space is dedicated to living a life of 'more than words' so if I am doing more writing than living then I'm not being true to the core message of this blog. 
So. I'm learning, its ok to be away a while... to be MIA in the blog world because I'm living my talk...making a difference in this world takes time. to invest, to love, to walk beside. I pray that others who may come across this blog may also be inspired to do the same... and grace will be given when they too hang a sign of "Be Back Soon, world changing taking place"

Ok. so. I know its late but. I really wanted to link up with Jessica from Lovely Little Things for her Smell The Roses task from last Monday... The challenge was to Show appreciation for your job, to bless your place of work. And that very week, myself and another colleague had already planned a little something to encourage the teachers we work with. See I work at a school and last week it was a crazy busy time for them with reporting, so you can imagine the kind of stress that filled the air in the staffroom. So. we decided to bake ridiculous amounts of rainbow cupcakes... and rainbow jelly crystal cookies to surprise them with one morning tea. 

We made a sign telling them what a great job they were doing and gave them little notes saying "stay bright" We did this anonymously in hope that they would be able to Stay Bright during reporting. It was lovely seeing the smiles on their faces. I mean, how can they rainbow table runner not make you smile?! 

Be sure to check out what Jessica and others did to show appreciation for their workplace here

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