Sunday, 10 June 2012

June long weekend

Well this wonderful June Long Weekend provided the perfect opportunity for me and my husband to get away and "treat ourselves" We bought a sweet secret deal from and had a great little getaway. The secret hotel ended up being the Crowne Plaza at the Gold Coast. The weather was wet and miserable the whole time, but it made for perfect conversations over warm drinks, enjoying the spa and eating selections from delicious buffets. It was such a treat to be alone with my hubby and take my mind of work and the busyness the next two weeks is about to bring.

The task for Smell the Roses this week was to in fact Treat Yourself. If you're yet to participate in Jessica's smell the roses weekly task then I'd strongly suggest you jump over and take a look at her blog and see how she treated herself to a pedicure this week:)

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth (thanks for the long weekend) and Happy Diamond Jubilee...60 years!


  1. This is awesome! Little last minute getaways are always so much fun and usually SO needed :)

    Sorry the weather was kinda crappy, but I'm glad you got some QT in with your man!

    Happy Monday, girl and thanks for linking up with me!


    1. As always, I enjoy joining in with your link ups!

  2. Sometimes you just have to make the most of rainy weather and it pays off. Glad you enjoyed your getaway weekend. And as for the may have been raining outside, but that didn't keep our spirits down!

    1. Hi there,
      I was just looking at your blog...your pictures are beautiful. The celebrations for the Jubilee looked amazing...I've been to London (very briefly) but I absolutely loved it! I hope me and my hub. can travel there together:)


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