Monday, 18 June 2012

6 Sweet Ones

This weeks Smell The Roses Task, courtesy of the lovely Jess from Lovely Little Things was to "Think about what blogging has done for you"
As a relatively new blogger I think I will keep this short and sweet, as that is my experience of the blogging world thus far. So here are 6 sweet lessons I would like to share as to what blogging has done for me. 

1/ Authenticity increases ones ability to relate. Its the posts where bloggers are real and authentic about their feelings and struggles and the reality of day to day life that speak to the heart of their readers. Flawless photos captivate however, don't resonate with many peoples realities. I'm so-thankful for the blogs I read that so-often encourage and speak into the more-vulnerable areas of my life.

2/ Blogging has allowed me to sharpen and actually use my love for writing. Not many people know, but I have actually done a School of Writing in Woodcrest, Texas. Since doing that school I haven't really done much with now I can write on a weekly basis without having to write draft after draft and try to sell my book proposal...heck I'm a self-published author:)

3/ Blogging has provided inspiration for a lot of outfits, DIY projects and recipes. I love reading magazines, reading blogs almost feels like having an online (not to mention free) access to all kinds of wonderful magazines of every genre.

4/ Blogging helps me to process and articulate the things I'm passionate about. It also helps to promote accountability for my own response and call to action in relation to what I write about.

5/ One of the beautiful things is reading about the friendships people have formed through their blogs. In this advanced technological world we live in, distance seems to know no bounds. I have not made "heaps" of friends as such since beginning, but to those I have written to, I have been humbled by their responses and genuine interest in helping out or sharing from their heart to me-a complete stranger in some cases. In some ways, it has restored my faith in the beauty of the other, in inviting one another to be a part of our lives, in sharing and recognizing the value and beauty of living a life shared. 

6/ My whole intention in starting to write this blog was because I myself feel a personal conviction to live a life of love and faith "in action". . . But I know that many people have a similar desire however, don't even know where to begin. For me, this blog has enabled me to have a central place to collate brilliant ideas and inspirational others to empower myself and hopefully others to live a life of "More Than Words"

So, What has blogging done for you?


  1. I love #4!
    I totally relate to feeling called to action when I blog about something.
    My blog keeps me accountable and for that I am grateful!

    I'm glad that you're loving the blogging community so far, girl :)

    Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks Jessica:) It was great to reflect on this.

  2. Just found your blog on lovely little things w/ Ms. Jessica! I am now your newest follower :)

    VERY CUTE BLOG- I love your #6!

    1. Aww, thanks for stopping by, and for becoming a follower! I can't wait to take a peek at your blog now.

  3. I love #2 and #4! I am working on my writing and bloggng has definitely helped quite a bit! I linked up too!


    1. Yes, it feels good to have a motivation to write and have it improve in the process of blogging (hopefully):) Thanks for stopping by, I will have a look at what you have learned!


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