Saturday, 19 May 2012

Flaunt Your Cause

I was so-very excited to have discovered this whole "Flaunt Your Cause" thing, not only to obviously share about something I am passionate about, but also to read about other people passions and ways they are investing their time to live a life of More Than Words....

The cause I want to flaunt is more of a program that is committed to the cause of instilling Worth, Strength and Purpose into women both young and old. A program called Shine.

I personally, am passionate when it comes to women and seeing them live their life to their fullest God-given potential. When I lived in India, I used to travel to the villages running anti-trafficking and safe migration seminars, along with Princess Parties. See, it was at the Princess Parties where we were able to address the root issue of where women find their value and worth. When a woman believes her value and worth is found in what she does, provides, looks like etc then she is more likely to fall into the trap of migrating to bigger cities chasing, fame, money and a more glamorous life. When a women is secure in who she is according to He who created her, then she can say no to that which is contrary to her unique calling. So, yeah when I lived in India, myself and an American lady who is living in India would travel to villages as well as local schools and Church groups running Princess Parties. 

We had women young and old attend our parties...for some it was the first time for them to be made to feel like a Princess

This is a party we hosted in a village where we had the women make "dream journals"

This is a program we ran at a school.

We tried to work within the local traditions decorations to make them feel special and valued with decorating the rooms

We would give each woman a tiara for her to keep:)
Now that I'm living in back in Australia my passion for speaking into the lives of women has not gone away. I work as a Chaplain at a local primary school. I am so-blessed to work alongside passionate teachers who are so-committed to the children. It is a christian school located in a low socioeconomic area. We have students from Christian, non-Christian, poor and privileged backgrounds. We also host a large number of nationalities at our school with over 38 different countries being represented. Needless to say, working as the Chaplain at this school comes with its challenges, but it is equally matched with its blessings. One of those blessings is, this year- starting next term I have the privilege of facilitating the Hillsong Shine Girl Program

The aim of the program is; "For each girl to develop understanding of her own personal worth, strength and purpose and realise the potential within her to fulfil her desires". Some facts about the Shine Program:
  • Used in over 30 nations
  • Used by over 1000 organisations
  • Estimated participation of over 20,000 girls and women
  • Outreaches to refuges, schools, ethnic groups, religious groups, rural communities, indigenous communities, correctional centres, war-torn countries, girls homes and so forth.
  • Translated into seven languages
There is Shine Girl (years7-10), Shine Women (18 years +)  and Shine Hope (For middle school years to 18 years with an anti-trafficking educational prevention element). The program is run in such a way where you have teaching elements, practical/experiential elements which relate directly to issues girls and women around the world struggle with. I am in the process of looking into different grants I can apply for to get some money to help cover the costs of running this program and making it as special as possible for the year 7 girls.

I am so-excited that I get to facilitate this amazing program at the school...if only every school had the capacity to run it...If you are passionate about working with women/girls then I could not more- highly recommend the Shine Program which is changing lives and equipping women for greatness. 

 “I believe the seeds of greatness are within us all. They key is in creating the correct environment for them to then surface into reality” – Bobbie Houston

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  1. Nadine, this is such a positive message carried through your work! I was also so happy to see on your "If You're New" page that you want people to be a part of "something bigger than you". There is so much each one of us can do to make the world a better place, and reading all of the Flaunt Your Cause posts proves this to me. So many different causes and passions and so much potential!

    I applaud you for the work you've done. This is fantastic! Thank you for linking up with Em and me for Flaunt Your Cause!

  2. Thanks Lindsay, again, i can't even tell you how excited I was to find your link up. Such a great idea! There are some really amazing people out there and it's exciting to remember that change is thanks for allowing the humble yet each significant and worthy cause to be celebrated... I particularly loved reading yours!

  3. Nadine,
    I'm so glad you found the link-up and decided to participate! I was like "hey this girl went to India--me too!", "hey this girl lives in Australia--me too!" Haha! I love that your causes so beautifully highlight the need to promote self-worth amongst women. That is a truly worthy cause and I'm always excited to hear about new organizations. I'm in awe of how many people give selflessly to make a difference. So THANK YOU for the work that you do :)

  4. Hi Emily!
    As I said...I LOVED this idea...I was kinda like..."hey this is the whole heart behind my blog-but in a link up"so yeah. I was very excited...I definatley checked out your is my country treating you? How much longer do you have left here?


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