Saturday, 31 March 2012

The dark side of the Easter Bunny...

With Easter just around the corner I thought this article my friend had published in Christian Today Australia was very fitting to share with you all.

When most of us hear about one of the greatest global injustices of our time-Human Trafficking it can be very overwhelming. Many of us struggle with what our response should be and what action could one possibly take to bring this to a stop... I know that is how I felt when I initially began researching, and looking into this global crisis.

Some good friends of ours recently did a school about Human Trafficking in Los Angeles. (I will post an interview with her here soon) One thing that she walked away from the school with was the simple yet profound difference we can make as individuals to this issue by becoming more aware of things labelled "Fair Trade". And as I stated earlier, with Easter just around the corner one of the biggest changes we can each make on a personal level is what chocolate we will choose to buy this season...why you may ask?...well take a read of this great article called "My letter to the Easter Bunny, a Tale about Chocolate" written by my dear friend Gen.
My friend Gen; A modern day abolitionist.

Hopefully this Easter I won't be consuming much chocolate at all since i'm starting this new sugar free approach to life (crazy I know), you can read more about that here:)

Happy Reading.

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