So. Remember This Post a little while ago? The one where I shared about my crafty adventures in making and selling handmade goodies or "Sweet Tweats" to be exact...Well I decided to add the Facebook Link here so I can keep you guys updated as new products come up in case you would like to support my little business buy ordering online or to see which market we will be at:)

I'm also passionate about equipping people with resources/information on different topics so here are some links to posts that include topical information and or related creative business ventures for you to shop-taking action and making a difference in some of these global issues.

Human Trafficking:
  • This link has info about what it is and shares about a company who sell makeup as a means to raise money to purchase resources for those on the ground combating this issue.

Child Labour:
  • Here you will find statistics as well as practical things you can do to take action against Child Labour.

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