Never underestimate the simple act of sharing a meal with someone, inviting someone over says that you are willing to share your life with them. In a book called Dialogical Community Development, they challenge and provoke one to believe that the crux of any community development practice is the ability to dialogue with others and engage in meaningful conversation, where people can be heard. When you invite someone over, you are practicing the beautiful art of dialogical community development. You are building community one conversation at a time, and what better way to converse than over some delicious home cooked meals?
"To be co-creators of dialogical community, we must be soulful people, people who have been awakened by love. Yet the paradoxical converse of this is that such soulful people are 'made' through participating in the everyday and ordinary things of life with a particular attentiveness, awareness and imagination"
Below are some tried and tested recipes by myself and others if you are in need of some inspiration for what to cook when you invite your next guest over.

  • You can't go past a good ol home made Pizza

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