Lend a Helping Hand

Watch this space below for opportunities to make a change in your local and global communities.  

  • Make an informed choice when buying chocolate by reading this article
 ...you could save a child's life!  
  • Read our Fashion for a Cause article to see how your accessory shopping can help develop African Communities  
  • 100+ ways for your family to make a difference  need I say anymore? 
  • Say whaaat???Donating ONE DOLLAR can change a life? Intrigued...read this post
  • Want to give a meaningful Mothers Day gift? You better check this out 
  • Help fund clean water projects in developing nations by buying a bottle of Thank You Water
  • Do you know a group of girls that you could run a program about Strength, Worth and Purpose with? Perhaps Shine is for you?
  • Visiting a friend in hospital? Here is a List Of Things you could include in a hamper you bring for them...
  • Here is a delicious Lemon Cake recipe that you can bless someone with
  • Does your blog need a makeover? Check out this Link by Niki who is the owner of Blogs For A Cause, she donates the money she makes from creating blogs to go toward mission trips
  • Do you need an idea to encourage someone who is down? 
  • Does the drought in Ethiopia concern you too? Have you considered taking part in the World Vision 40 Hour Famine?
  • Have you ever thought about what you could put the money you put toward coffee to something else? Say...funding a clean water and sanitation project for an entire community?
  • Every week THIS company chooses a new cause to donate $7.00 of their product purchases towards...be sure to check the sweet t-shirt designs they have